Tips for 2c Hair: Girls with Curls and Waves

Tips for 2c Hair: Girls with Curls and Waves

If you have 2c hair, are among the most common type of wavy/curly hair. But what exactly is type 2c hair and how do you care for it properly?

Type 2c hair is defined as the best of both worlds. 2c hair is a combination of both curls and waves. Most people with this hair type have thick, coarse hair that is prone to freezing and dryness.

So how do you care for your 2c hair? How do you maximise and nourish those gorgeous waves and curls? Follow these 7 tips!

How to Care for 2c Hair

  1. Don’t over wash your hair. This goes for any type of curly hair. You might want to cut back on washing your hair only once or twice a week. This will help preserve your curls. You can always spritz your hair with a little water to help rejuvenate your curls. Or use dry shampoo between washings.
  2. Speaking of shampoo, it is best to use shampoos and conditioners that are designed for curly hair. And leave in conditioner is your best friend. Keep your curls hydrated between shampoos with leave in conditioner for curly hair.
  3. Never towel dry your hair. This can damage your curls and cause breakage. It is best to use a microfiber towel or t-shirt to “plop” your hair. Allow it to dry this way for at least 15 minutes to remove excess moisture without causing frizz or damage your 2c hair. Tips for 2c Hair: Girls with Curls and Waves
  4. Allow your hair to air dry if possible. This can save it from damage from heat. Sea salt spray is a lifesaver for girls with curls, especially type 2c hair. You can even make your own! Sea salt spray can be hard to find as it’s a hot commodity for curly haired girls! Spray it generously in your hair and allow it to air dry for gorgeous, sexy beach waves!
  5. If you simply must blow dry your hair, always use a diffuser. Regular blow-drying will destroy your curls and waves. Diffusing will remove the bulk of the water from your hair while retaining some moisture. As well, it will add bounce to your type 2c hair! And who doesn’t want lots of body and movement to show off their wavy curls?
  6. Do not apply products to sopping wet hair. This is a major no-no. Applying styling products to soaking wet hair will weigh your hair down and cause it to look limp and dull. Either diffuse your hair to it’s slightly damp or allow it to air dry to that point. You may have heard that curly girls need to put product in their hair when it is soaking As type 2c hair tends to frizz and loss its shape easily, you don’t want to weigh it down before you even started!
  1. Do not brush your hair. This will not only ruin your curls and waves, it will cause your hair to frizz uncontrollably and add unwanted volume. Use your fingers to style your hair.  Apply gel to your fingertips and scrunch your hair to define your type 2c waves and curls!